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Vegeta Training Stamp by DbzbabeVegeta super saiyan stamp by DbzbabeVegeta hentai - stamp by pallottili
super vegeta stamp by DbzbabeVegeta pissed stamp by DbzbabeVegeta UT Stamp by Dbzbabe
Majin Vegeta Ultimate stamp by DbzbabeVegeta cry Stamp by DbzbabeFusion Gogeta Stamp by Dbzbabe
Dragon Soul Stamp by DbzbabeReunited Stamp by Dbzbabeprince stamp by Dbzbabe
fallin prince stamp by DbzbabeSaiyan Pride Stamp by DbzbabeYou thought wrong by Dbzbabe
Marital Quarrel by DbzbabeIll Fight, no I will by DbzbabeThe Strongest You Could Be by Dbzbabe
Vegeta tangled stamped by DbzbabeFarewell by DbzbabeLeft Or Right stamp by Dbzbabe
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I Support DBZ Canon Pairings by Dbzbabe

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dragonball stamp by DbzbabeDragonball KAI stamp by carapauDragon Ball Z Kai Stamp by Dbzbabe
___________gif intro dbz gaiden by freesoul93___________


That's my position

I work with:
Genius Tablet User by transylvaniandreamsPhotoshop Elements Stamp by Shadowed-MidnightPaint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed
UGA User Stamp by carapau

What I think:
Do not steal my art button by izka197Anti Art Theft Stamp by ZeiphexMy Art, My Rules by Survey-chan
My Artwork, My Copyright Stamp by dragonmunI Report... by yumi-honamaruCopyright Stamp by PsychoSlaughterman
Digital Art Stamp by firechantFavs stamp by ankewehnerArtist Rights by taruto
Watermark Support by savagebinn




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First entry

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 2, 2012, 5:54 AM

Picture Hunter:
I search the best DB/Z/GT pictures (for me the best)

Friends = Good (Dragonball) Artist's

I'm still searching for more good artists...
(There are in my galery artworks from good artists I don't fave, too. Like by people from "Watchers")

[ 08.06.2008 -   1.000 Pageviews]
[ 20.04.2009 -   2.000 Pageviews]
[ 14.01.2010 -   3.000 Pageviews]
[ 24.10.2010 -   4.000 Pageviews]
[ 17.02.2011 -   5.000 Pageviews]
[ 15.04.2011 -   6.000 Pageviews]
[ 18.07.2011 -   7.000 Pageviews]
[ 05.09.2011 -   8.000 Pageviews]
[ 15.10.2011 -   9.000 Pageviews]
[ 25.11.2011 - 10.000 Pageviews]
[ 30.12.2011 - 11.000 Pageviews]
[ 20.01.2012 - 12.000 Pageviews]
[ 06.02.2012 - 13.000 Pageviews]
[ 06.03.2012 - 14.000 Pageviews]
[ 08.04.2012 - 15.000 Pageviews]
[ 12.05.2012 - 16.000 Pageviews]
[ 24.06.2012 - 17.000 Pageviews]
[ 29.07.2012 - 18.000 Pageviews]
[ 30.08.2012 - 19.000 Pageviews]
[ 23.09.2012 - 20.000 Pageviews]
[ 10.11.2012 - 21.000 Pageviews]
[ 26.12.2012 - 22.000 Pageviews]
[ 06.02.2013 - 23.000 Pageviews]
[ 25.03.2013 - 24.000 Pageviews]
[ 11.05.2013 - 25.000 Pageviews]
[ 02.07.2013 - 26.000 Pageviews]
[ 19.08.2013 - 27.000 Pageviews]
[ 01.10.2013 - 28.000 Pageviews]
[ 09.11.2013 - 29.000 Pageviews]
[ 21.12.2013 - 30.000 Pageviews]
[ 09.02.2014 - 31.000 Pageviews]
[ 08.03.2014 - 32.000 Pageviews]
[ 24.03.2014 - 33.000 Pageviews]
[ 09.04.2014 - 34.000 Pageviews]
[ 26.04.2014 - 35.000 Pageviews]
[ 15.05.2014 - 36.000 Pageviews]
[ 02.06.2014 - 37.000 Pageviews]
[ 20.06.2014 - 38.000 Pageviews]
[ 07.07.2014 - 39.000 Pageviews]
[ 29.07.2014 - 40.000 Pageviews]<

:star: My first work with over 1000 Hits! :star:
Vegeta .:Lineart08:. Color by PrinzVegeta
:star: My first work with over 2000 Hits! :star:
Bulma .:Lineart07:. Color by PrinzVegeta
:star: My first work with over 3000, 4000 and 5000 Hits! :star:
Group .:Lineart32Color:. by PrinzVegeta

My own stamps:

Vegeta .:Stamp01:. by PrinzVegetaVegeta .:Stamp02:. by PrinzVegeta
Vegeta .:Stamp03:. by PrinzVegetaVegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp04:. by PrinzVegeta
Vegeta .:Stamp05:. by PrinzVegetaVegeta .:Stamp06:. by PrinzVegeta
VegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp07:. by PrinzVegetaGroup .:Stamp08:. by PrinzVegeta
Vegeta .:Stamp09:. by PrinzVegetaVegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp10:. by PrinzVegeta
VegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp11:. by PrinzVegetaVegeta .:Stamp12:. by PrinzVegeta
Group .:Stamp13:. by PrinzVegetaVegeta .:Stamp14:. by PrinzVegeta
Vegeta .:Stamp15:. by PrinzVegetaVegeta .:Stamp16:. by PrinzVegeta
Vegeta .:Stamp17:. by PrinzVegetaVegeta .:Stamp18:. by PrinzVegeta
Vegeta .:Stamp19:. by PrinzVegetaVegeta .:Stamp20:. by PrinzVegeta
Group .:Stamp21:. by PrinzVegetaKakarott .:Stamp22:. by PrinzVegeta
Piccolo .:Stamp23:. by PrinzVegetaKakarott .:Stamp24:. by PrinzVegeta
VegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp25:. by PrinzVegetaSon-Gohan .:Stamp26:. by PrinzVegeta
Radditz .:Stamp27:. by PrinzVegetaPiccolo .:Stamp28:. by PrinzVegeta
KakarottAndKuririn .:Stamp29:. by PrinzVegetaKuririn .:Stamp30:. by PrinzVegeta

Commishes and Requests

Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke

- Only linearts and lineart coloration
- I want to see every picture befor, becaus I can't use very small models or very low quality
- I say you always if I do a work or not and the price for it. If I don't answer over a couple of days I'm not online or I haven't see it. Write me a note and ask again
- No pictures with yaoi, yuri, hentai,...
- Works from other free artists only with the permission
- I work as fast as I can, no pushing if I not make something in 2-3 days
- Only anime picture favored dragonball
- I work with clear lines, models with soft interleaved colors only as lines available
- Questions for comissions only in english, german or dutch. I don't translate a lot of different languages
- Only with copyright beside the work (colorations)


Prices (17.09.2011)
:bulletgreen: Small linearts (like heads) ~ 100 :points:
:bulletyellow:Normal linearts (like bust ore full body) ~ 200 :points:
:bulletred:Hard linearts (like more than one person etc.) ~ asking price
:bulletorange: Your own (pencil) art scans ~ asking price
Color work:
:bulletgreen: Small linearts with coloration (like heads) ~ 400 :points:
:bulletyellow:Normal linearts with coloration (like bust ore full body) ~ 600 :points:
:bulletred:Hard linearts (like more than one person) ~ asking price



[01] -

Requests - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Only linearts and lineart color versions

:bulletgreen: Is a picture easy and I like it I can make sometimes a request
:bulletgreen: The same is it with small changes on my work



:star: [01] :icondoggmaffia:  ::::::::Vegeta .:Lineart22:. Color V3 by PrinzVegeta

:star: [02] :iconcarlyrocknlol:  ::::::::VegetaXBulma .:Lineart33:.Color by PrinzVegeta
:star: [03] :iconcyborg-hippo:  ::::::::VegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp11:. by PrinzVegeta
:star: [04] :iconclaudiu96dragonballz:  ::::::::Vegeta .:Stamp12:. by PrinzVegeta
:star: [05] :iconthegargoyleclub:  ::::::::Broly .:Lineart40:. Color by PrinzVegeta
:star: [06] :iconthegargoyleclub:  ::::::::Broly .:Lineart41:. Color by PrinzVegeta
:star: [07] :iconclaudiu96dragonballz:  ::::::::Vegeta .:Lineart04:. Color by PrinzVegeta
:star: [08] :iconmajinkura:  ::::::::Trunks .:Lineart47:. Color by PrinzVegeta
:star: [09] :iconbiggogetafan:  ::::::::Gogeta .:Lineart 60:. Color V1 by PrinzVegeta
:star: [10] :iconshadyprimetime:  ::::::::Gogeta .:Lineart 60:. Color V2 by PrinzVegeta
:star: [11] :iconvjumpawesome:  ::::::::Kakarott .:Lineart68:. Color by PrinzVegeta
:star: [12] :iconsakakithemastermind:  :::::::::Kakarott .:Lineart 73:. Color by PrinzVegeta

Do you like my own watermark? (first used in Vegeta .:Lineart50:. Color V1) 

27 deviants said Yes, it's perfekt
13 deviants said It's better than the normal DA watermark
6 deviants said The normal DA and your watermark are equal good/bad
No deviants said Your watermark is bad, use the DA watermark
No deviants said Other (write your opinion)



:iconandy156: :iconshoalin: :iconsailorusagichan: :iconjoshesque1: :iconwubmacawda:


:iconvjump: :icondragonball-corner:


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Sonic was running through the Warp Zone when he found a Chaos Gate that lead to Earth. The Blue Blur saw the elder Saiyan prince & was glad to see his old friend. The elder Mobian prince decided to jump in & pay a visit.
Sonic: Vegeta! Long time, no see! I haven't seen ya since we took down Broly as Gogeta & Shadic!
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